Salesforce Solutions

Frontera Consulting provides deep development expertise to support Salesforce Solutions.


The Order-to-Cash process is unique to every business, but the goal of seamless integration is the same.

Frontera’s business process consultants work with developers to architect a streamlined process, reducing friction in the workflow and eliminating bottle necks due to manual processing.

Apex triggers and code can bring to its knees if not thoughtfully architected and coded.

Frontera’s design philosophy and custom Apex libraries enable solutions for complex requirements that are robust and maintainable. Simply put – If you can dream it, we can build it for the long haul.

Let Frontera enable you to answer YES to all of these questions:

  • Is your sales force on
  • Is your instance integrated with accounting and provisioning?
  • Are governor limits under control and not limiting your business process?

Frontera is the answer for all your custom development and integration questions.

Solutions for Zuora

Frontera Consulting offers pre-built Salesforce solutions for Zuora. Hit the ground running with modular code that can be installed, instead of developed. Use the time saved to customize the solutions to your custom business process.


Improve collections efficiency with data, work queues and dashboards tailored to collectors.

Payment Scheduler – BETA!

Allow customers to pay an invoice in installments according to a schedule. Installments can be highly variable (date, amount and payment method).


Payments received before the invoice is generated can be linked to a subscription. Once the invoice is generated, the payment is automatically applied.

Split Payment

A payment can be split across multiple invoices or on an account’s credit balance.

Timeline 360

A visual representation of a subscription and its amendments, invoices, payments, refunds in Salesforce.

Unidentified Payments

Manage kicked out payment records from the c2c: Lockbox service that were unable to be associated with an invoice or account.